Beyond Big Data:

How Healthcare Providers Make
Better Decisions with Predictive Analytics

Join us as our experts share how providers are developing actionable, data-driven solutions to improve clinical outcomes, patient experience, and operational efficiencies.

What you will learn: 

  • Levels of Data Science 
  • Three Provider Use Cases: 
    • Classifying Patient Segmentation
    • Predicting Elective Surgeries
    • Predicting Hospital Readmissions
  • Where your Organization is on the Data Spectrum
  • How to Implement Predictive Analytics Across your Organization

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Your Webinar Hosts

Susan Olson, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Cille Kissel
Product Manager

EdjAnalytics - Zack Pennington-002cropped.jpg

Zack Pennington
Sales Manager


About EdjHealthcare

A division of EdjAnalytics, EdjHealthcare provides custom solutions for providers and payers across the analytics spectrum from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics. From a clinical perspective, EdjHealthcare empowers professionals to provide patients with improved diagnostic certainty, reduced risk, and real-time care decisions. From an enterprise perspective, EdjHealthcare aims to change the way hospitals harness marketing and operations data to provide customized analysis that helps improve patient engagement, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. For payers, EdjHealthcare supports strategies for optimizing patient receivables and service provider demand. www.edjhealthcare.com